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What Parents Are Saying About Coaching Victory

I believe that the program really helped out the kids and showed them serveral skills to be developed. The activities were also fun for not only the kids but the parents as well.  We truely appreciate Coaching Victory and will continue to be involved in any events or trainings they have in the future.


- Melissa Rivera

Jaeden Brickus (9)


I dont really have any comments, it's just good!


- Alan Bateman

Daniel Bateman (13)

Coaching Victory Basketball Clinics are the best!  Events are well organized with an awesome, professional staff.  The children learn and have fun.  I highly recommend enrolling your children in any Coaching Victory program!


- Sherry Ben

Davin Domurat (9), Chloe Domurat (8), Drew Domurat (8)

I would like to thank Coaching Victory for thier hardwork and dedication to the children they work with.  They teach kids a lot about the game of basketball and support good grades in school.  The lessons and skills they teach are transferable from the basketball court to real life situations.  They promote success and do a great job doing it.


- Stevie Pugh Jr.

Zilas Pugh (9)

Great staff and great programs!  My son has shown an abundance of improvement in his game since becoming involved with Coaching Victory.  He was already good but they really focus on fundamentals and player development.  I wish I had more hands so I could give these guys four thumbs up!


- Eric McCain.

Damonte Reason (11)

I really appreciate what the Skills & Drills Clinics have done for my son.  It is a great opportunity and great way to keep youths active.  I intend to sign my child up for any future Coaching Victory events.  Keep up the good work guys! CV 4Life!


- Erika Trowery

Clarence Bacon (9)

My daughter has been a part of two Coaching Victory Clinics.  The coaches have done an outstanding job of teaching basic skills.  All the drills were solid and Lena can practice them at home.  Teaching the game of basketball in a fun way has been a very positive experience for my daughter.  Keep up the good work!


- Luke Gibson

Lena Serrin Gibson (6)

We really enjoy coming out and learning the basics of basketball with Coaching Victory.  They have taught Jaden a lot about the game and we are always ready for more from these great programs!


- Keisha White

Jaden Gallimore (9)

The way that Coaching Victory handles my child and teaches him the game is outstanding.  When you walk through the gym doors there are a lot of parents and children but only one family.


- Craig C

Chase Coleman (8)

Very good camp!  My son has learned a lot of fundamental basketball as well as ball handling and defensive skills.


- Frank Miles III

Frank Miles IV (7)

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